Here’s an idea to reach for: #ThinkOutsideTheMask. Let’s talk even if we have our mouths covered.

Let’s find our lateral voice and let everybody know we’re not going anywhere.

This is work in the pandemic. Let’s do it!

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For a connector of people, staying away is odd. But you hold this brand in your hand.

You can’t just stop. Disappear into the mute. If there’s a way, it can’t be silent.


Keep talking. Adapt your tone. Reach out and connect.

Be there for your clients. Hey, we can do this together.


The pandemic has affected us all. But we’re either together in this, or we’re lost.

Lost in the obscure, sent into the unknown, left out of the conversation.


So, what, now we’re supposed to just shut up?

No, we’re not enjoying this silence. And neither should you.


Of course, securing your budgets is all you can think of.

But you’re missing a key factor: the last thing you want your clients to feel is abandoned.


Please, reach out for the least expected. Don’t take the first exit, take a lateral turn instead.

Leave the others with the brag, take the flag and raise the stakes. Make the best of the worst.


Now. Take a look at what we’ve done during the pandemic

and then answer one quick question: what is your message?