Joy of Reconnection

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Joy of Reconnection



The launch of Huawei’s new flagship in Romania came soon after the Covid crisis turned the world upside down. Meanwhile, we realized people were using their phones to keep an ongoing journal of the experiences they encountered while being stuck at home. We saw a connection.

Through the lenses of their cameras, users were telling their stories as they unfolded. What if these images became footage for an emotional edit created to encourage optimism in a time it was so badly needed?

We did more than that: an inspirational video designed to remind people how the pandemic helped us rediscover the beauty of the little things – from the moment we were forced to isolate at home to the time we finally got to reconnect outside.



Instead of a conventional promo ad, Huawei put together user generated content to announce its new flagship, the Huawei P40 PRO. This way, it managed to adapt to the context and deliver a meaningful, empathic message.