Isolation journal

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Isolation journal



March, 2020. Companies send their employees home. Schools shut down. Parks close down. Various businesses including commercial centers stop their activity, and so does Sun Plaza, one of our biggest clients.

Due to the pandemic, the majority of people were left without their favorite meeting places. Instead, people were experiencing the psychological backlash of isolation. An unprecedented cut in human interactions that put their lives on hold. Never was there a more important time to get the community together.

So, we used animated illustrations to create a pandemic diary of the community with the funny stories people were experiencing at home, despise the crisis. We asked one of Sun Plaza’s collaborators to tell her experience first. Then, fans on Facebook started to add their own stories to it, just as we planned. Pretty soon, we had people engaging with the video journal and becoming script writers of their own series.


As a result, we managed to build the emotional bond that would keep the brand and the community connected. Friends of Sun Plaza promoted our messages for free and the engagement rate increased with every episode.