Safety is fun

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Sun Plaza



Safety is fun



After two months of uncertainty, a fair amount of anxiety has built up in the society. While the urge to restart old habits was huge, the fear for the virus increased exponentially.

In this context, how do you convince visitors that your shopping center – an indoor facility where wearing a safety mask is mandatory – is a place where you can relax and have a good time?

First, we used visible signage to explain the actions Sun Plaza took to improve safety inside the shopping center, reassuring its customers of a secure environment. Stickers, posters, OOH were set up along the way, from the surroundings of the building up to the food court, covering everything from bathrooms to the escalators and elevators.

But with all these measures, we were losing the very feeling of relaxation clients were picking Sun Plaza over others for. So, we hired two actors and created a funny and entertaining video portraying two friends going through the usual shopper’s journey.



As a result, visitors in Sun Plaza did not only feel safe enough to pick up on their leisure habits, but they also adopted the recommendations and therefore promoted a secure behavior themselves.