A world at your feet

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International House – English Kids Academy



A world at your feet



Think of one time in the history of civilization when more than 1.5 billion learners around the planet were sent home. Is there any at all? According to UNESCO, this was the reality on the 21st of April 2020. 185 country-wide closures.

Safe to say our client – a highly esteemed private English school for children – was facing the same challenges the global educational system was fighting. The threat of having to close down was close enough to have a name.


So, for the back to school enrollment campaign, EKA needed a bit of help to remind parents that English will always be their children’s doorway to the whole world. The experiences they’ll go through, the places they’ll visit, or the studies they’ll take, anywhere on this planet, will all benefit from an in-depth understanding of the most used language.


Therefore, with the right course, children can have the world at their feet, even when that world is troubled. We were happy to support something we believe in, while producing a cost-efficient and creative series of 4 promo videos.


Focusing on intellectual and spiritual growth – is one way to cope with a global crisis. As a promotor of such a service, EKA found a way to connect to those in need for this balance, reminding them that school must go on and that they’re here to support it.