Together for the First Line

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Pastel & ARC



Together for the First Line



Getting involved in the community has been part of our mission at pastel for a long time, as we’ve been running various partnerships for social causes under the “Not a month without an act of kindness” internal program. It was only natural for us to take part in this shared effort to support those who support us.


So, we looked at the resources we had and at how they could be put to use, considering the global situation.


With so many people getting infected, those fighting in the front line were often left without the necessary resources to go on. To respond to the shortage of safety face masks and shields supplies, we partnered with the Association for Community Relations (ARC) and an advertising production company, and created a fundraising campaign. Mogyi was first to answer our call.



4000 safety face shields were produced and donated to first responders throughout the country.