UNISMART Insurance

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Uniqa Insurance


UNISMART, the pre-customised life insurance



Uniqa Insurance noticed that the Romanian public found common insurance products difficult to understand and to decide upon. This learning inspired them to customise 5 different packages of their life insurance, UNISMART, taking into account 5 different target groups – among them, young families, single parent families and seniors. Our task was to communicate this products comprehensively, building its awareness and adoption rate.

The creative concept captured the multi-target focus of UNISMART both visually and through an unusual, multiple-choice ending of the message. Then we took it further in a multi-channel campaign that included digital, direct marketing, ooh displays in office buildings and a special project for children’s magazine Fabulafia.

Addressed to medium and high income, educated families, Fabulafia brought the opportunity for even more creativity. For the magazine we developed two stories that explain, through a simple narrative, how UNISMART works – comprehensible for children and parents as well. The attractive illustration and the practical information section complete this inspired advertorial, perfectly integrated among other stories in the magasine.


Current clients of UNIQA Insurance understood and embraced the new product.

Brand awareness was boosted and UNISMART policies sold, expanding the client’s business.