Uncovering the ”Hold my beer” culture

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Molson Coors GBS



Uncovering the ”Hold my beer” culture



In 2019 business center companies were an important player in the employer market. Molson Coors Global Business Services, just like its competitors, faced increasing difficulties in recruiting and retaining the right people to fill in a demanding structure in an accelerated process of growth and development.

It didn’t take us long to discover, though, that some features of Molson Coors GBS’s culture made it stand out from the crowd: its boldness, doubled by a supportive, friendly and relaxed attitude. We needed to build the employer branding awareness from ground zero: an internal communication platform that people would resonate with and embrace naturally.

This is how the ”Hold my beer” concept was born. It captures an everyday reality of the company: people with an entrepreneurial mindset who, when faced with a challenging task, will not turn their backs, but roll up their sleeves and start solving it. The concept was further developed both on inside channels, exclusively for GBS employees, but also as employer branding executions. It helped us build a memorable experience for the company during the Top Employers Fair and also suported the GBS presence on digital channels dedicated to potential employees, like undelucram.ro .


”Hold my beer” resonated deeply with GBS’s employees, as the GBS CEO declared at the moment, when we announced this collaboration. No wonder that after more than 6 month the it became a part of the company’s internal lingo. Also, the implementation goes on, the concept is expanding to encompass more areas of interest within the company, like diversity and inclusion or the wellbeing program.