HPV awareness campaign

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HPV awareness campaign



What’s your problem?
Two types of people out there will stand out – those who want to know and those who don’t. Sensiblu and Synevo challenged this duality.


What’s your strain?
8 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every 24 hours. 6 of them die. How can you tell such a story without grieving the protectors of beauty? When watched on the microscope, the HPV virus looks like a dahlia flower. We sent 100 of them to KOLs and asked a simple question: What’s your strain?


92 posts in Social Media out of 100 flowers sent
Not only did our gifts generate an answer that spread the word, but they turned a three-month activation into a recurring campaign that reached its third year.
– over 100 hashtags related to the campaign
– over 2400 reactions in Social Media
– over 400 women came to Synevo for tests in the first week of the campaign
– 50.000 vouchers for tests were distributed in the first month of the campaign