Donate your Words & Christmas for Tomorrow

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Donate your Words & Christmas for Tomorrow



We started with the challenge Orange set in front of our eyes: a Christmas party with a twist for media and business journalists. And we did handle it with all the twists the brief required.


Donate your Words was about bringing people together and communication. What we planned was to turn Christmas conversations into STEM educational hours for the children and we did that because it was all in line with each of Orange’s values. Each guest received a card and a marker and wrote down the number of conversations she had during that magical night. A mindful and wordy photo corner was in place and a sweet Christmassy giveaway delighted the guests.


Christmas for Tomorrow was the most sustainable Christmas party with a fun, techy twist. It had to relate to recycling so we wanted our guests to see what technology can do for the planet. Everything was in line with the concept: the location was eco-friendly and the menu and the decor were aimed to plant a change instead of producing waste. The guests were invited to learn about their carbon footprint and were offered a potted Christmas tree at the end of the event. The trees were to be delivered to their homes and planted by us by request, once the winter was over.



Donate your Words meant 555 conversations

+/- 10 conversations per guest

Each conversation = EUR 9 invested in education


Christmas for Tomorrow meant awareness for a better Tomorrow that we managed to raise among all guests