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As an expert in the recovery and integration of children with autism spectrum disorders, Autism Voice non-governmental organisation wanted as many people as possible to understand that early diagnosis and therapy is key. Attracting new funds for therapy was another objective.


Our campaign started from a simple idea: it takes months, sometimes even years of therapy for a child with autism to say his or her first word. They cannot express their needs, feelings, wishes – a state that we cannot imagine.

So we thought: what if these children challenged artists and influencers to spend a moment of their life experiencing this lack of words? Various personalities took on the challenge to express themselves using only the two or three words mastered by a certain child. They quickly discovered it is impossible – without words there is no VOICE.


Each experience was captured in an emotional video which quickly became a hit in social media, helping Autism Voice raise awareness – and funds.

  • Increased awareness of autism and Autism Voice