FAN Courier – 25 Years Anniversary Campaign

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Integrated Campaigns, PR, Social Media, Video

FAN Courier


25 Years Anniversary Campaign

FAN Courier marked its 25th anniversary with a campaign focusing on its core value of trust, addressing both e-commerce platforms and end consumers.
We tailored the campaign to resonate with each audience’s perspective on trust. For e-commerce, a pragmatic lead generation approach was used, while for the general public, a conversation about trust was initiated on social media platforms.
The campaign engaged e-commerce platforms through a project involving FAN Courier’s shareholders, highlighting their mutual commitment to trust. For the general public, FAN Courier explored what trust means to Romanians through participative exercises on social media, using their definitions to depict the courier. of the future.
We concluded the campaign by creating a video that transformed campaign portraits into the final image depicting the courier of the future shared widely. Additionally, the campaign’s message and weekly portraits were presented at a press conference celebrating FAN Courier’s 25th anniversary and future plans.
Contests on Facebook each garnered over 2,000 organic shares. On TikTok, we got 1.5 million views. The newsletter had an average open rate of 30%, with over 2,500 respondents directly engaging in the campaign. As for the total valid definitions, we scored an overall of 15.300 in a cumulative period of 20 days. This allowed us to generate nine portraits of the couriers of the future.